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Sunday, 12 July 2015, 14:02
Day 13

I finally did it - I completed my first 5K race! It took me about 35 minutes. I'm pretty proud of my time; sure people aged over 40 and under 12 performed better than me but that only motivates me more to do better next year. In next year's race i'll be trying to shed off 5 minutes and finish in under 30 minutes! And maybe in a few more years, i'll be able to cut enough time and make it to the top 200 with a time of 17-18 minutes (the dream!). 

I was so stoked in finishing the race! At the first 2 or 3 kilometers, I felt as if I wasn't going to be able to finish the whole trail and that i'd be pulled off the tracks by a coordinator. So when crossing the finishing line (where I sprinted the last couple hundred meters and hurt my ribs a little), I couldn't stop grinning.

Finishing the race felt great! I sure started my Sunday off right. The only downside to this race was that I really had to pee.  I had to go to the bathroom before the race even started but I was too afraid of being late so I held it in. At about 4 kilometers, any type of running/fast jog would agitate my bladder and well, I didn't want to wet myself in public!

At the end of the race we were offered a bottle of water to hydrate and a banana to re-energize. They were awfully under ripe but I guess it wouldn't look appealing if they were handing out brown, spotty nanas.

My sister and I finished the race before 8AM where no cafes were open. We walked to the bicentennial park and my sister showed me the way to the Art Museum and the State Library. I've never seen that part of the city until today! It's so beautiful - especially in the crisp mornings! I definitely want to come back here at this time. 

The park was home to a variety of plants and many Cockatoos. The atmosphere was serene and the view was even better!

My sister and I enjoyed breakfast at The Opera Bar where I had burnt fig, cinnamon and almond muesli with fruits and organic yogurt, paired with a soy cappuccino. I had high expectations for this restaurant, considering it's located right under the Opera House... My muesli was average, my fruits weren't crisp - they were probably kept in a container over nights (or many nights) and my coffee was not presented with skill (the top right hand corner of above image). I like it when cafes serve my coffee with free-pour art or to the very least, steam my soymilk properly. I could rave on and on about how much of a let down the coffee was but there were better things experienced today that i'd much rather remember.

Coincidentally, there was a "French Festival" held at Circular Quay where stores of French background would sell foods such as croissants, churros and so on. I also got to meet this lovely dog (I call it a bear dog - it's breed is unknown to me). This image does not capture the essence of how beautiful these dogs are! He's wearing one of those water barrels that they had during the war times to help injured soldiers.

The rest of my Sunday is a chill one - the agenda just holds gaming and then later at night, a family party. I won't be going back to the gym until Tuesday, as I have work tomorrow. I kind of miss it. But i'll value my rest/off days! It's just two more weeks until i'm back to uni, I need to be spending my holidays doing things I can't normally do during the semester!!

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