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Saturday, 31 October 2015, 17:01
Day 124

I took my cousin to my Crossfit's intro class and WOD class this morning! She has tight muscles and couldn't withstand the amount of squatting/hinging required but she still did a really good job! 

9 am workout
8 minute AMRAP
200m sprint - relay style
Rounds: 7. I did 3, cousin ran 4

12 minute AMRAP
10 20kg thrusters
10 20kg SDHP
10 20kg push press
10 burpees
Round: 3 + 20

If I was totally focused, I think I could've pushed for 4 rounds. But I kind of let myself slow down so I could help explain movements and encourage my cousin.

After the total sweat session, we headed out to the City with my brother to see if we could get his phone fixed by Apple. Turns out that they couldn't fix his phone. BUT they just replaced it with a brand new phone! Like, wow???

It was around 2pm and I was starving. I hate having such late lunches! We initially planned to have some Malaysian curry but that required a 20-30 minute walk. To avoid the prolonged starvation, we settled for something closer - and we chose Mappen (my favourite udon restuarant). I got the usual kake udon with sweet corn and a tempura sweet potato ($5.70).

After we shopped around Daiso and I bought a "loofer"/sponge for a better scrubbing hahaha and also face/wet wipes to wipe of all that sweat after Crossfit.

Oh and we also treated ourselves with some match green tea goodness. I got the Matcha Soft Serve ($2.90).

Okay okay, time to eat clean on Sunday and the week after... So I can spoil myself with some Gelato Blue at the end of the week hehe X

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Friday, 30 October 2015, 10:14
Day 123

7 am workout
Strength: front squats. 1 set every 2 minutes.
1x3 37.5kg
2x3 42.5kg
1x3 47.5kg
1x1 50kg

WOD: Annie Scaled. Time cap: 12 minutes.
50/40/30/20/10 sit ups
25/20/15/10/5 DUs
Time: DNF. I actually finished 3 DUs after time.

8 am workout
WOD: Murph Scaled.
1.6km run
100 pull ups
200 push ups on knees
300 air squats
1.6km run
Time: 55" 20' 58

I'm thinking of completing Murph once every month to test my fitness. I'll call it Monthly Murph :) The next time goal is 50 minutes. LETS DO THIS.

Anyways i'm currently having a big bowl of oats and toppings of fruits and superfoods. I will then get ready to go to uni to pick up my lab book and maybe get some study in? Depending on time.

I need to be back by 4PM so I can go with my brother to Anytime Fitness and help him get signed up! I'M SO EXCITED. But I won't be training him ): BUT STILL. I'm so excited that he has finally made the decision to get fit and healthy! Maybe not the healthy part just yet... But soon! X

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Thursday, 29 October 2015, 09:06
Day 122

7 am workout
Strength: backsquats
2x3 42.5kg
3x3 47.5kg

WOD: 16 minutes
Every 4 minutes, 100m farmers carry 2x16kg KB
10 unbroken 6kg wall balls
5 resistance banded C2B
Rounds: 6

I'm currently drinking a 1L green smoothie (spinach and banana + protein powder) with little blueberries as "pearls"! It's amazing ehehehe.

Anyways it's just one workout today because I want to study at uni maybe from 11am-5pm and see how much work I can get done!

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015, 10:52
Day 121

7 am workout
Warm up: 400m run

1 set every 90s
8x5 push ups on toes

8 min EMOM
Odd- 20-30s hanging knee raise
Even- 15-20 hollow rocks

WOD: 17 min time cap
30 15kg push jerks
400m run
20 20kg push jerks
400m run
10 25kg push jerks
400m run
Time: 16" 30'

1 hour rest and recover

9 am workout
For time:
100 ring pulls
150 sit ups
200 air squats
Time: 37"


Tuesday, 27 October 2015, 11:25
Day 120

7 am workout
Warm up:
300m row
High knees, butt kicks, inch worms.

Strength: front squats
1x3 37.5kg
1x3 40kg
1x3 42.5kg
1x3 47.5kg
1x3 50kg

WOD: Diane 21/15/9 (12 min cap)
42.5kg deadlift
1 negative HSPU for every break in the pike push ups
Time: 9" 38'

My coach was proud of me when he was picking out my improvements from when I first started. I used to row 2:59 and now it's around 2:20. I'd never grab the 25lb green plates for any workout and now it's usually my starting weight for strength. No one has been proud of me before lol. This is a strange feeling.

For the WOD, there were people who finished in 3-4 minutes. Like what?

9 am workout
Push press: 3x5 15kg, 8x5 20kg
Bench press: 2x10 15kg, 8x5 20kg
Deadlift: 5x3 47.5kg

Played with some kipping motions, single/double unders and negative HSPU.

I feel as if I should follow a more strict program for these 9 am workouts. Currently I am sort of just doing random things.

Hm okay so today I will go through 1 MBLG lecture then try to create a program for my 9 am workouts.

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Monday, 26 October 2015, 15:57
Day 119

7am workout
Warm up: 2 rounds
200m run
8 shoulder dislocation alternating lunges
8 alternating mountain climbers
8 pvc power clean

Find 1RM: power cleans
15kg, 20kg, 22.5kg, 25kg, 27.5kg, 30kg, 32.5kg.
Attemped 35kg x3 but failed.

WOD: 12 min AMRAP
10 burpees
10 16kg KBS unbroken
10 DU (yes!!!!)
Rounds: 4

9am workout
5x10 20kg front squats
2x2 30kg front squats
3x2 35kg front squats

5x5 37.5kg deadlift

Finding 1RM: deadlift
40kg, 42.5kg, 47.5kg, 52.5kg, 57.5kg, 60kg.
Attempted 62.5kg but failed.

5 minutes of practicing double unders.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015, 19:44
Day 117/118

I always feel that I lose all my gains over the weekend...

I went to the City to the Apple store to see what they can do for my brother's iPhone. Sadly, we had to make an appointment (for the next week) and couldn't do anything this week until then. The trip to the City was a bust.

We did get in some good food though! We ate at a sushi train in Market City (Takumi). Total $50 for 3 people. I had 6 plates and here's what I ate!

And after, we went to Gelatissimo and I got a scoop of rhubarb and apple crumble gelato mmmm.

On the way home, we stopped at Krispy Kreme and bought a 6 pack of original glaze and one apple crumble custard donut. I had the apple crumble and one original glaze. SO MANY TREATS TODAY.

Woooooo, I went to the Cruelty Free Festival today! My first vegan event! Sadly I didn't bump into any insta-friends. But none the less it was a great experience! I ate SO much. And i'm so happy to be able to support vegan businesses - even though i'm not vegan myself.

Sigh i'm actually a little disappointed with the combination of these waffles. It looked SO ugly. It tasted great however.

We ate so much more including: fries with spicy mayo from Lord of the Fries, a curry lamb pie from Funky Pies and corn fritters from My Little Panda Kitchen. We spent about $55 here. 

After we headed to Strathfield to meet up with a couple friends and to chill at the Food Festival that was on today. I didn't buy anything, apart from a lemon, lime and mint chiller from Oliver Brown (super sweet - wouldn't not get again...). 

But here's what my friend got! Some asian taco thingos. 

Oh I also tried to take an "outfit" shot today lol. But my face... My pose... I just don't get how. And it feels very awkward.

I can't wait to get back into training this week!!! X


Friday, 23 October 2015, 11:05
Day 116

Ugh rows and burpees x4? No thank you Crossfit. I didn't want my whole day to be a waste so I came in at 9 and did random stuff even though I really wasn't feeling it today. I deleted the stuff I did today from my notes as I forgot that I haven't blogged it yet. Opps. Anyways going to rest tomorrow and Sunday then will start strong again next week.

Next week's plan:
Mon - Thu -- 7am crossfit + 9am open gym
Fri -- 9am gym with peter and 5pm crossfit class; I like the people at night, they're always so lively.
Will be going to uni on Mon and Thu to do a few hours of study.
Have work on Tue and Wed night.

OH OH I also have a mad rope burn on my right leg. The injury/scratch is bright red with darker red scabs. I don't know how to take care of this so i'm just letting it be exposed to the air lol

I'm currently trying to find workout songs so I can burn it on to a CD and get my coaches to play it for my workouts when i'm the only person in the class :x

Thursday, 22 October 2015, 09:47
Day 114/115

You know you have a Crossfit addiction when you're on your period and all you want to do is workout - despite the bloat, the back pains and the cramps.

7 am workout
Finding 1RM push jerk:
1x30kg (barely)
2x32.5kg (attempts but failed)

Skill: Dip
Not sure what I was doing... I think they were modified ring push ups? They were hard though!

WOD: 3x4min AMRAP with 1 min rest after each set
5 37.5kg deadlifts
6 modified ring push ups
15 sit ups
Rounds: 7 + 4

You know you have a Crossfit addiction when your mom asks you to help out at the shop and you get upset because you'll be missing out on training...

^ So no 9 am training, but that's okay! I'll just add in that extra workout on Friday. Went to the night classes to fulfill my endorphin cravings.

6 pm workout
Finding 1RM push jerk:
1x1 20kg
1x1 22.5kg
1x1 25kg
1x1 27.5kg
4x1 30kg

WOD: 3x4min AMRAP with 1 min rest after each set
5 37.5kg deadlifts
6 push ups on toes
15 hollow rocks
Rounds: 7 + 18

I'm going to start highlighting my PRs so it's easier to find when I scroll through my labels haha. It saves me time skimming through posts.

I woke up SO sore and being on my period doesn't help.

7 am workout
Strength: Every 2 minutes, 3 front squats + 2 box jumps
1x20kg - 20" box
1x22.5kg - 24" box
1x25kg - 24" box
1x30kg - 24" box
1x35kg - 24" box + green plate for height
1x37.5kg - 24" box + green plate for height
1x40kg - 24" box + blue plate for height
1x42.5kg - 24" box + blue plate for height

10 20kg clusters (clean > thruster)
15 ring pulls
140 single skips
Time: I forgot to check but I think it was around 15" 30'

Breakfast was strange... I had oatmeal and made it the same way I usually do with the usual toppings. BUT I couldn't get myself to finish the bowl. I didn't force myself to finish it either. I got through 1/2-3/4 of it. Strange.

11 am workout (legs with peter)
Incline leg press - alternating between sets:
4x12 93kg
3x8 133kg

Seated leg press - alternating between sets:
4x20 65kg
3x8 85kg

Leg extension - alternating between sets:
4x20 26kg
3x8 33kg

4x6 5kg static lunge per side

Calf raises:
6x25 body weight

The burnnnnnnnnnnnn (good kind)

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 12:11
Day 113

Growing strong!

7 am workout
Finding my 1RM Snatch:
2x1 15kg
2x1 20kg
1x1 22.5kg
2x1 25kg
With a few atttempts, I managed to get the bar up and jump under!

WOD: Every 5 minutes for 15 minutes
400m run
10 hanging knees to elbow
AMRAP 6kg wall balls
Reps: 38

I had a 1 hour break for breakfast (2 bananas, 1 tsp natural pb and 1 medjool date + almond milk coffee) then training for about an hour after -focusing on skills, rather than weight.

9 am workout
1) Deadlift:
2x10 20kg
1x5 37.5kg
5x5 40kg
1x1 42.5kg
1x1 47kg
1x1 52kg
2x1 60kg (using alternating grip) *NEW PR*

2) Rope climb:
After a few attempts, I finally climbed all the way to the top! I did this about 3 times and I ended up with mad rope burns on my right leg - I need to focus more on my foot work! The goal is to get to the top of the rope in 3-4 movements by the end of November!

3) Focused on technique for the clean:
2x10 15kg
I worked on getting my elbows under the bar faster.

4) Handstand against the wall:
Just breathing in and out upside down because, for some reason, it makes me feel more grounded and focused.

Tomorrow, i'm thinking on improving my upper body strength with some movements such as ring pulls. (3 workouts tomorrow lol I'M HIGH ON THIS FITNESS ENERGY ATM)

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Monday, 19 October 2015, 09:15
Day 110/111/112

Was tempted to check out the 9AM Crossfit class but i'm always intimidated by going solo. Maybe next week! Anyways today was not my usual potato life. I headed out to the Fitness and Health Expo to check out the brands, supplements, shows and really just the people! The majority of people were in workout gear (as were I) and I felt really inspired to pursue this lifestyle. I spent most of my time prowling the Lorna Jane stand as it was sooo full all the time and also watching the Crossfit games. It was cray. The first female completed the Fran workout in less than 7 minutes. I'm sure that'd take me at least 15. However I do want to try at least one Crossfit comp in my lifetime lol.

And at night was my friend's 20th birthday party. If i'm being honest, I didn't really want to go -I knew it'd be filled with heaps of people and a lot alcohol. I didn't drink and tbh I was a little tempted as I knew how much fun one can have intoxicated. But I held strong and also because I was driving home. By the end of the night, I was SO glad that I went and that I didn't drink as I realise now that that is NOT a life I want to lead. I want to take care of my body and grow it strong. I don't want to have to rely on alcohol to make conversations and have fun. I don't want to wake up the next day feel like crap.

Crossfit never does me wrong. Crossfit I will choose to love.

Work all day! Then played a little LoL at night. I got to Gold 2 in ranking. Though I do feel that my friend played a HUGE part in that hahaha i'm too afraid to solo queue. And playing duo makes it bearable with 3 randoms because then I can talk to someone.

YES. Finally, a new week and a new line of Crossfit WODs.

Strength: 1 set every 2 minutes
3x3 40kg backsquat
3x3 45kg backsquat
(I feel that my form has improved)

Skill: Handstand push up
I can't do HSPUs yet so I worked on reverse push ups! Which is something NEW to me and was the first time I did it. I can't wait to perform handstand push ups! I feel much more comfortable going upside (in handstands) than going up (for rope climbs/muscle ups).

WOD: 21-15-9 16min time cap
(10-7-4) Reverse HSPU
Burpee box jump
20lb ball slams
Time: 15" 47'

It felt weird not using a barbell in the WOD haha but it also felt good! Because it was a different type of challenge.

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Friday, 16 October 2015, 20:29
Day 109

I'm feeling SO good about myself (not physically, but mentally). After my MBLG prac exam, I really didn't want to go to Crossfit. I wanted to drive straight home. I just wanted to eat a lot of food and not move at all. I just wanted to be nothing. But I packed my clothes already and so I drove straight to the box. And I did better than I had hoped. And i'm feeling so proud of myself! Is that lame?

Mobility - Lots of foam rolling and muscle smashing

Skill - Learnt the basics of the rope climb. I still can't do it, so that's okay! I want to start coming back to the box during it's open gym hours to practice rope climbs and muscle ups though.

WOD: 14 min AMRAP
10 20kg overhead squats
2 negative rope climbs
10 box jumps
Rounds: 6 + 7

I think i'm ready to move up my WOD movements from 20kg to 22.5kg and maybe even 25kg for the more comfortable movements! Yay i'm making little strength improvements.

I'm going to the Health and Fitness Expo tomorrow, i'm very excited! I then have dinner with Khiem and his family and after I have my friend's 20th party to attend which I will probably be leaving early because i'll be exhausted!

I'm thinking of either going to the gym to do some LISS and maybe try skipping and attempting Double Unders OR going to the Crossfit class. I'll see how my body is! I'm actually quite scared of overtraining because I WANT results.


Thursday, 15 October 2015, 17:05
Day 107/108

Skipped my morning Crossfit class and headed out to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S pop up store in Hyde park. Sadly they didn't offer soy milk with their free coffees. I would have left their store silent but the barista felt the need to express his great love for how wonderful dairy milk is. And so, being the embarrassment to my sister that I am, I had to comment "sure if you like digesting hormones, pus and blood, then why not". Tbh I was a little embarrassed myself as this was the first time I was ever vocal about my thoughts on animal cruelty in public. But good on me.

I felt out of place by not going to Crossfit, my body felt sluggish and old. I knew that it was because I didn't workout! I need that buzzzzzz of energy in me! And so I went to class.

Every 90 seconds do 1 complex: clean pull+power squat clean+hang squat clean
4x30kg (new pb!!)

6 min EMOM
Even: 30 sec strict knee raise
Odd: 10 hollow rocks

WOD: 12 min AMRAP
6 pike push ups
10 20kg thrusters
50 explosive jumps
Rounds: 4

FEELING THE GOOD TYPE OF SORE TODAY (oh and my wrist also hurts a little as I dropped the bar funny when attempting a clean complex opps).

Warm up
300m row

8 min EMOM of complex: push press + split jerk
4x1 15kg
4x1 20kg
The split jerk is confusing???

WOD: 12 min AMRAP
200m run
6 inclined ring pulls (wtf??)
10 alternating 10kg dumbbell snatches
Rounds: 3 + 10

I also trained at the gym with Peter today! And he let me try half a scoop of his Nitraflex preworkout.

Back squats
2x25 20kg
1x5 40kg
3x5 50kg

Incline leg press
2x5 133kg
3x3 153kg

Seated leg press
6x12 46kg

Leg extensions
8x8 26kg

Static lunges per leg
4x6 5kgx2

How do I know if i'm overtraining? How do I know if my muscles are the good or bad type of sore?

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015, 09:24
Day 106

Had a banana on the way to Crossfit! I'm trying to have something to eat before workouts now -to see if I can push myself a little further with the energy.

Warm up
1x5 15kg bench press
1x3 20kg bench press

3 reps every 2 minutes
22.5kg bench press
25kg bench press
27.5kg bench press (the heaviest I went last time!)
2x30kg bench press (struggled)

WOD: 2 RFT within 20 minutes
30 modified push ups
450m run
50m walking lunges
30 16kg KBS
Time: DNF. I only got up to 23 swings on the second round.

Even though I didn't finish today's WOD, i'm still pleased with my efforts today. I increased my bench press weight by 2.5kg and benching 27.5kg wasn't really a struggle! Having that extra 2.5kg did increase the difficulty by 100 though. But that's ok! Next time around, I will be benching 32.5kg!

My mom bought a whole box of single/unwanted bananas for $5! I can't wait to freeze them all! Recently i've been craving for more raw foods, mainly smoothies. My fave right now is a chocolate protein smoothie - i've never really been into the chocolate flavour but WOW, now I just want one every morning!

I love how simple meals can be!

I'm feeling motivated to keep eating fresh and to be develop a body that I can be comfortable, happy and proud in! X


Monday, 12 October 2015, 08:50
Day 102/103/104/105

Skipped the morning Crossfit class as I had a restless night. However I did get a workout in today with Peter and we worked on legs. My end of the year goal is to be able to squat 80kg and deadlift 90kg!

Back squat
2x25 20kg
1x5 40kg
1x3 50kg
1x1 55kg
1x1 60kg
I still feel as if my form isn't good. Idk.

Incline leg press
1x12 58kg
1x5 93kg
1x2 133kg
1x3 133kg
1x5 133kg

Seated leg press
6x20 65kg

Leg extension
6x20 33kg

Went to the gym and did a little ab work + 30 mins LISS.

Work 9AM-5PM. It was my first time teaching high school English; grades 7, 9 and 11. I'm so grateful for this opportunity that my boss gave it -even if it's just to sub.

Weekend's over and time to kill the next week's workouts!

This has been the 4th night in a row that i've been waking up at 3AM and not being able to fall asleep until 5 and then having to wake up at 6ish. This is shit.

Warm up- 3 rounds
100m run
2 inch worms
3 bar hollow holds
4 shoulder rotations
5 military squats

12 min EMOM
2x2 15kg tall clean
4x2 17.5kg tall clean
4x2 20kg tall clean
2x2 22.5kg tall clean

For time (max 22min)
800m run
10 25kg front squats
15 kipping knee ups
10 bar facing burpees
Time: 18" 46'

This was death but probably one of my favourites.

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Thursday, 8 October 2015, 08:48
Day 101

Every new day is a new opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

Warm up
300m row

5 min EMOM
25kg squat clean + push jerk

4 min EMOM
27.5kg squat clean + push jerk

WOD: Within 20 minutes
800m run
50 burpees
40 step ups
27 22.5kg clean + push jerk (aim was 30...)

I swear I could have broken down in tears today in class. It was very confronting when I expressed that 4 days of Crossfit is hard and my coach mentioned that even though I came 4 days, I haven't been putting in 100% effort. Don't get me wrong here, my coach isn't a bad guy. In fact, he's most probably the total opposite. He's the only one that WOULD tell it to me straight, that would tell me to pick up the bar again, that would tell me to either go hard or go home.

I guess what got me emotionally down was my frustration. I was frustrated with the fact that my efforts weren't as high as I thought they were, with my inability to have gone heavier than 27.5kg with my clean + push jerks and with my very slow progress in fitness.

However, no matter how slow I go. How frustrated I get. How much criticism I receive. I will not stop --the only step i'm taking is forward.


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Wednesday, 7 October 2015, 20:43
Day 100

Ripped hands, sore muscles. Heavy breaths, strong focus. The only goal in mind is to be stronger than yesterday.

Finding 5RM
1x5 15kg push press
1x5 20kg push press
2x5 21kg push press
Max reps: 14 at 15kg

5 minute EMOM
Wall walks with 5 sec pause at the top

WOD: 12 min AMRAP
5 pull ups with resistance band
5 kipping leg lifts
10 20kg thrusters
Rounds: 4 + 5

Aaaaand Wednesday night means weightlifting technique night!

New coach Neil took us through movements which were held for a longer period of time. The burn. I'm a bit dead but here's pretty much what we did: thrusters, overhead thrusters, overhead squats - all with 15kg barbell (focusing on technique not weight), sit ups, hollow rocks and ending with stretching.

So far so good!

Also i've confirmed the date of my (free) Byron Bay trip! Eeeek. Cotton On Body booked me in the deluxe spa suite at The Byron Resort. I AM EXCITED BEYOND MEASURES.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015, 09:35
Day 99

Had my three days rest and now it's time to get back into it!

Find 5RM Pendlay Row
1x5 15kg
2x5 17.5kg
2x5 20kg
2x5 22,5kg

Max reps of Pendlay Row: 15

Pyramid HSPU 

10 min AMRAP
30 explosive jumps
10 20kg power snatches
Rounds: 3 + 36


Monday, 5 October 2015, 11:50
Day 96/97/98

Went to the shops with my sister and I came home with a little Summer haul.

Khaki green knee-length dress $20, black ankle length dress $20 and the striped maxi dress $29.

Black cap $2.62, turquoise flip flops $4 and the black summer beach hat $10.

I haven't spent this much in so long... As you can tell, i'm not a regular shopper haha. Now all I need to buy is a bikini set (will be my first one ever!), a pair of sandals and a light Summer kimono then i'll be ready for Summer and my mini getaways!

Went to Fitzroy Falls to check out the waterfall and to spend some time with the fam! The falls was alright. I probably wouldn't go again as it wasn't anything special and the hiking trail wasn't as fun. It's more of a family friendly kinda thing.

 I dressed like a total tomboy with my hair split in the middle and my muscle tee tank top! LOL.

 I love this shirt sooo much. "Eat Veggies, Not Animals"! 

My brother and I don't know how to be normal.

Today is a public holiday, hence there is no Crossfit class held! Good thing too... I was soooo tired in the morning and I was literally prepared to force myself to class no matter how crappy I felt.

Anyways i'll be playing some LoL and maybe do some assignments/lecture catch ups? I'll see.


Friday, 2 October 2015, 12:00
Day 94/95

My friend, David came with me to Crossfit this morning!

Warm up
400m row

1 set every 90 seconds
2x5 37.5kg deadlift
2x4 42.4kg deadlift
2x3 45kg deadlift
2x2 15kg+70lb (~47kg) deadlift

14 minute cap
800m run
10 modified K2E: kip > knee up
15 16kg KBS
30 single skips
30 explosive jumps
Rounds: 4 + 10

The 16kg kettle bell swings felt hard/heavy today. I'm sure i've held better form and completed more reps before breaking the set in the past...

Anyways i'm training again - legs - with my friend Peter today in a gym that I haven't been to before. It's new so i'm keen to try it out!

Back squat-
2x25 20kg
2x12 40kg
2x10 45kg
2x6 50kg
2x2 55kg (new max!!)

Seated leg press-
I forgot the ladder but I got up to 115kg 6 reps

2x4kg dumbbell static lunges
4x6 each side

Calf raise machine-
6x12 15kg

I didn't feel sore or exhausted at the time but I was definitely hungry! I had a delicious vegan feed with Khiem at Loving Hut. (I wasn't bothered to crop the images into a square HAHAHA).

I had the vermicilli rice noodles with spring rolls ($10) and the grass jelly drink with chia seeds ($4). I almost always get the vermicilli rice noodles whenever I go to Loving Hut, or any Vietnamese restaurant. It's one of my absolute faves!

 Khiem got the combination flat rice noodles ($12) and a lemon/lime bitters drink ($6).

We were 100% well fed :)

Feeling super sore but it's just one more day until rest day...

Strict pull ups with resistance band
Reps: 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1

6 minute EMOM
15 second hollow hold + 5 hollow rocks

WOD: 3x4min AMRAP
5 20kg push jerks
10 burpees over bar
15 air squats
Rounds: 5 + 1

The disappointing thing is that I mentally knew that I could have done more rounds. My arm felt really sore though - sore or inured? Not sure. Whenever I lift it, or apply pressure, I feel sharp pains. I'm not sure if this is normal or not but i'll see how I heal up over the weekend...

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