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Wednesday, 30 September 2015, 20:53
Day 92/93

I naturally woke up a bit after 5 in the morning and contemplated whether to go to the 6 or 7AM Crossfit class. At 5:30, I deduced that my mind was already too awake to fall back asleep so I got out and made it to the 6AM class.

One set every 90 seconds
3x5 20kg strict press > superset 6 2x4kg KB press
4x5 15kg strict press > superset 5 2x4kg KB press

14-minute AMRAP
200m run
6 pike push ups
8 16kg KB SDLHP
10 16kg goblet squat
Rounds: 4

40 minutes elliptical


Decided to skip the morning workout and do back-to-back class of the normal Crossfit class and the Weightlifting class. Working out for two hours was maybe not a good idea...

9 minute EMOM
Strict push ups on the toes
Reps: 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1

WOD 12 minute AMRAP
10 6kg wall balls
5 25kg hang cleans
Rounds: 7 + 12

Lots of 15kg hang, power and squat snatches.
Some back extensions.
Stretching and foam rolling.


Monday, 28 September 2015, 11:37
Day 88/89/90/91

I woke up with a swollen eye and yes, I used that as an excuse to skip Crossfit.

My body clock woke me up at 6 and by 7 I was at the gym and on the StairMaster! I accidentally restarting the machine at 25 minutes so I just stopped... This machine was fun and challenging! I was sweating within the first 10 minutes of climbing! I ended up climbing 1200 steps.

I will be back for a longer session next time!

3 months of working out... I feel the same, if not fatter and heavier. This feeling sucks. Why am I not making progress? I do workout at least 3 times a week? Is that not enough...

Warm up
100m run
10 hollow rocks
100m run
10 step ups
100m run
10 alternating lunges

1 complex every 90 seconds
Complex: power clean > push jerk > clean squat > push jerk

Within 20 minutes
400m run
20 hanging knee lifts
400m run
20 step ups
400m run
36 20kg overhead alternating lunges*
Time: 19" 10'
* Was supposed to do 40 but I felt as if I had pulled a muscle wrongly in my right leg... Also I was totally dead.

25 minute cardio on the elliptical 


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Thursday, 24 September 2015, 16:09
Day 87

Waking up before my alarm always helps me in starting my day well. And going to Crossfit definitely sets a good mood for the rest of the day!

10 pike push ups
10 37.5kg dead lifts
20 burpees
25 12kg KBS
30 6kg wall balls
400m run
Time: 33" 10'

I feel that I am getting better at running as i'm able to push myself to jog-sprint in the last run because I know it'll be over. I had to break all the movements up into sets as doing it unbreakable was just too much. Also I think I may have miscounted some of my wall balls.... Maybe in the last round, I only completed 25 rather than 30? Because mt time was about 1 minute faster than the rest which means I must have done something short as I am not THAT fit lol.

Heaps of busy things were done today!

After taking Khiem to his Physio appointment, I picked up Sarah and we headed to the gym. The workout kicked butt.

10 reps for 3 sets
3kg dumbbell squat and press
3kg dumbbell static lunge each side
15kg thruster
35kg deadlift
4kg dumbbell arm raises
4kg dumbbell bicep curls

In 10 minutes
50 sit ups
50 v crunches
50 russian twists
50 leg lifts
Time: 9"

1 minute for each movement
Normal plank
Right side plank
Left side plank

WE SPONTANEOUSLY GOT OUR EARS PIERCED We had a big vegan feed at Green Palace Thai. (Say whaaaat?) Okay okay, ear piercings may not seem like a big deal but you don't know our mothers...

We ordered the pad kee mao, duck with rice, chicken pad thai and satay chicken skewers. All of this plus another dish that was taken away summed up to only $48! I love the pricing here. The servings are decent and the prices are so worth it. P.S. the satay chicken skewers were sooooo good. I must come back here for more.

This is my single helix. Sarah got a quadruple helix done and it looks soooo pretty! I hope this doesn't get infected --then i'll definitely be dead by my mother hahaha.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015, 09:39
Day 84/85/86

Three and a half months left until 2016... Say whaaaat.

1 set every 90 seconds
8x4 37.5kg back squats

WOD 16 minutes (i.e. 4 rounds)
400m run every 4 minutes
In the remaining time, AMRAP:
1) 8 burpees over bar
2) 5 25kg front squats
Rounds: 3 (maybe 4.. I lost count but I told my coach 3, so i'm going to record 3)

When my coach asked me if I was coming in tomorrow and I replied "eh maybe, i'll see if I can get out of bed" - THAT WAS WHEN I REALISED THAT I HAVE THE WORST ATTITUDE. However, internally, I do want to come in tomorrow and I feel like my body can. I think I say these negative things due to badly formed habits and i'm just more comfortable responding to routine. I want a better attitude. I will have a better attitude.


Dinner was with Sarah and Khiem at one of the Loving Hut franchises and they provided as very pleasant mock meat experience. We may have also ordered a bit too much for our stomachs to handle so we had to get some of the food taken away. Which is all cool because i'm going to try to trick my brother into eating the salt and pepper "squid" hehehehe.

Appetizers: 'Prawn' dumplings ($8), samosas ($6) and curry puffs ($6).

Salt and pepper squid. I quite liked this one! It wasn't too salty (though I did know that they included a lot of salts in it as I totally bloated and retained water the day after). The texture of the 'squid' was pretty darn close to the real thing - it's just a little less chewy, which made it 10x better in my opinion. ($10)

"Queen Rice". I have no idea what's included in this but from what I taste, I think it was a fried rice with bbq "pork" and corn. ($16). 

Soy chicken. This tasted just like chicken - it was a bit freaky. However I enjoyed how the texture was a bit more gamey than actual chicken - it reassured me that I wasn't consuming meat LOL. ($10). 

Satay tofu!! Most probably my favourite dish. The flavours were perf and I would definitely be getting this again when I come back! ($10). 

We also bought an avocado shake (bad idea as it filled me up real quick) ($6), a basil seed drink ($4) and coconut jelly ($3) for dessert.


I woke up naturally at 5:30 this morning as I went to bed the night before at 9:30. I felt energetic! Well at least more than yesterday.

1 set every 90 seconds for 6 sets
1x5 20kg bench press
1x5 22.5kg bench pres
1x3 25kg bench press
2x5 25kg bench press
1x5 27.5kg bench press
* Superset with 2 negative push ups after each set

Max reps with starting weight
8x 20kg bench press

6 min EMOM
15 sec hollow hold

WOD 3x4min rounds with 1 min rest
10x 6kg med ball cleans
10x Step ups
10x Ring pulls
Rounds: 6 full + 15

My Crossfit gym is now offering 'weightlifting Wednesday' which will be a one-hour session for us to work on our skills for any type of lifting. Should I start going to these? It's at 7PM.. pretty late. But practice does make permanent.

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Sunday, 20 September 2015, 16:30
Day 83

I ran my first 9KM race and timed 57 minutes! I'm extremely pleased with my time as I actually thought it was going to take me around an hour and a half to finish! I probably could have achieved a lower time if I had known that the finishing line was so close... I actually didn't start sprinting until I was about 400 metres from the end.

After the race, my sister, Khiem and I refueled at the Devon cafe in Surry Hills. We were seated under artificial lighting on a communal table. Boo.

I started with an oreo cronut which was filled with a chocolate custard. I wouldn't get this (or any other cronut in general) again - only because I think I just don't enjoy cronuts and would very much prefer to save my stomach space for something else. $9.

My main was the "Aphrodite's bowl" which was a warm rice pudding with rose, pistachio, fig jam and freeze dried fruits. It was sweet and creamy however the rich flavour made the last few bites a bit difficult to down. $15.

I paired my meal with their specialty matcha latte - on soy, of course, and well, for a specialty drink... It wasn't that special. The flavour was mild with no attractive zing to it. $4.

My sister (top dish) ordered the 'Breakfast with the Sakuma's": miso grilled king salmon, smoked eel croquette, 63' egg, radish petit salad and kewpi mayonnaise. $25.

To the left was Khiem's dish - "lamb sandwich": slow cooked lamb, garlic confit, cheese, roasted capsicum, spinach, aioli with chips. $20.

They ordered cold press juices in which i've forgotton the flavours. $8 each.

Would I come here again? Maybe not.


Saturday, 19 September 2015, 13:12
Day 82

Ooh yes, I just had an amazing brunch at Circa Espresso, Paramatta. The food was on point - presentation and taste-wise. This cute little cafe is about a 5-10 minute walk from the main shopping centre/ train station, making it a very convenient weekend brunch spot. There was a short wait when I got there and we waited about 15 minutes for the food to come out after we had ordered. Considering the business of the place, the beauty of presentation and the taste of the food, the waiting time isn't too bad and I definitely would love to come back for more.

 My sister and cousin ordered two dishes to share: 1) the Ottoman eggs and 2) the French toast.
1) The Ottoman eggs - poached free range eggs with crumbed eggplant, garlic labneh, burnt chilli and sage butter served with a seeded sourdough. I'm not much of an egg-eater but the form of the poached egg seemed to be on point. This was one of the most popular dishes ordered (observed) so it must be good, right? ($17).
2) The French toast - with poached rhubarb, brulee banana, fresh berries, labneh, cinnamon, spiced honey syrup and crushed pistachio. I only had a little piece of this to try it. It was nice but I probably wouldn't be ordering it the next time I come! My sister found it to be extremely sweet and preferred the eggs over this dish ($17).

I ordered the 'farro, brown rice and quinoa spiced porridge with ginger poached pear, dates almond and coconut milk'. This was the only dish on the menu. I would get this again as it was soo warming and comforting and I really enjoyed the mixed flavours of coconut, ginger and spices ($13).

For the drinks, my cousin and I ordered a soy flat white ($4.50) and my sister had some chai tea ($6) - they (maybe) home-brewed tea was a bit too weak in spiced flavour for my liking. 

All in all, the presentation was SO beautiful and I definitely feel inspired to up my game in porridge presentation. I am also tempted in finding and buying some microherbs for that extra colour and texture in my breakfast bowls lol. This cafe certainly lived up to its Instagram fame and I recommend this restaurant to those wanting to have a fancy brunch for a decent price.

I'll be heading out to Hurricanes for dinner to celebrate my Sister's birthday (for the third time). Pictures will be up tomorrow! P.S. MY 9KM IS ALSO TOMORROW. EEEEK SCARED AND EXCITED AT THE SAME TIME. 


Friday, 18 September 2015, 16:18
Day 80/81

I'm not too sure why I didn't workout actually... I wasn't tired from the night before and I wasn't busy in the morning. I guess I was just unmotivated.

Thrusters are one of the hardest movements for me in Crossfit. Actually anything that involves moving the bar from shoulder to overhead is hard. I have little twig arms.

Warm up
400m run

In 12 minutes, find 1RM thruster
1RM weight: 27.5kg

Time cap 25"
400m run
20 17.5kg thrusters
1. 12kg KBS
2. Push ups on knees
20 17.5kg thrusters
400m run
Time: 20"

I got through the 21/15/9 mini WOD okay - it was the thrusters that reaaaally slowed me down.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015, 17:54
Day 79: Sister's 23rd birthday!!!!1

I woke up at 5 and decided to go to the 7AM class rather than the 6. I *almost* fell back into habit of continuing to laze in bed even though i'm not asleep - i'm happy that I didn't! From now on, i'll be choosing health, i'll be choosing strength, i'll be choosing happiness.

Warm up
200m run

1 rep every 90 seconds
Complex: power clean > hang clean > push jerk

10 strict knee up on bar
10 20kg SDHP
10 burpee + box jump/step up
Time: 11" 47'
* I think I should have chosen a heavier weight for the SDHP. The first 3.5 rounds were easy lol. Oh wells, next time!


Today's my sister's 23rd birthday! And we're going out today to collect our run kit for the 9k race on Sunday and also to have dumplings and other Shanghai Chinese cuisines for lunch. Soup pork dumplings are her favourite - but since I don't eat meat, I had to opt for the veggie dumplings. They weren't too bad.

After maybe 3 or 4 of the vegetable dumplings and about half of the sesame noodles, the flavours got reaaaaal heavy and I really just didn't want to finish it. Hours later and the heavy feeling was still present in my stomach. Boo. Total: $54.50.

My sister and I shared two cakes from "La Renaissance", a French patisserie. We had the raspberry and pistachio tart and the white chocolate and lychee cake.. I don't remember their exact names but those were the predominant flavours! It would haven good if I did. Total: $19.50.

And if you're wondering what I got my sister this year - well, I bought her Taylor Swift's concert tickets (which is in November). Eeeek I can't wait! I want to get my hair dyed but my hairdresser said that the bleach may not lift my current hair colour to the colour that I want. We'll see. I want a green similar to Ed Sheeran's X album cover as i'll be going to Ed's concert a couple weeks after Tay hehe.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015, 11:42
Day 76/77/78: Wake up and commit to the ritual

Sundays are always my most "lazy" days - all I do is sit in my chair with my legs crossed for the majority of my waking hours. As a result, my quads are always sore on Mondays - as if I had a mad leg day. But in reality, I just didn't stretch my muscles at all.

Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.

Odd: 5x5 42.5kg deadlifts
Even: 5x7 strict ring pulls

250m run
50m lunge
10 2x5kg man makers
15 (pathetic) v-sit ups
Time: 24" 30'
* However I think I may have skipped 1-3 man makers? My counting got lost in my desperate act to breathe in air. Anyways still a good effort! I should work more on my v-sit ups at home.

Also my Crossfit box started a new 8-week program today. Lets see how I go with commitment! I really do want to see results - and this new brought sun and warmth is quite supporting in the morning :)

Plus I definitely bombed out on my Physiology mid-semester exam... Second year units are way more specific than first year units!! My head needs to get up to date with the times and I need to start thinking like an intermediate Science student.

P.S. It's my sister's birthday tomorrow! We'll be spending a day out at the city/uni. So stay tuned for the next Food Adventure x

Saturday, 12 September 2015, 16:44
Day 75

TODAY WAS A HECTIC VEGAN DAY OUT (with a few of my omni friends who are always up for good food). Current situation: food coma.

Lunch's main attraction was at Pizza Design Co. I really LOVE this place as they offer vegan pizzas without a hefty price of $30, as I would have to pay if I were buying from Crust or some other pizza joint. My pizza was a traditional authentic 13" base, spreaded with Sugo sauce and topped with vegan pepperoni, green capsicum, mushrooms and sweet potatoes. I also added some Tabasco sauce on after aswell. Mmmm. My friends also chose the vegan options - including vegan ham, peppers, white potatoes etc. I forgot to take a shot of their pizzas aswell! $18.  

Next up was at San Churros across the road. I only found out yesterday that the churros were vegan friendly when ordered with their dark chocolate dipping sauce. Sadly the vegan line is being discontinued as of Monday and so it was completely necessary to stop by San Churros today. "Churros for one" $8.95.

I think I hyped myself up a bit too much for these spanish donuts that when I actually came around to eating them, they were a little bit of a let down. They weren't as nice as the churros that i've had in America. I only ate two. They left me feeling heavy and unhappy with my body. And so to cure these blue feelings, I just had to stop by Messina for some dairy free Mango gelato. $4.80. 

And I definitely forgot that the mango there isn't as good as other places (mainly Cow and the Moon - they have THE BEST gelato in Sydney hands down). But I guess it was alright too. 

After all this food, I am confident to say that i've been fed well. 


Friday, 11 September 2015, 21:43
Day 74

Outta bed and to my Crossfit class. Tbh I still had that little feeling of not wanting to be there but the overall attitude was positive and i'm glad that I did show up.

1 set every 90 seconds
1x5 20kg Bench Press
2x5 22.5kg Bench Press
3x5 25kg Bench Press

For time
800m Run
40 Box Jumps/Step Ups
30 6kg Wall Balls
20 37.5kg Deadlifts
30 6kg Wall Balls
40 Step Ups (Should have been box jumps)
800m Walk/Jog (CARDIO IS HARD OK)
Time: 24" 05'

I'm not too happy with these results as I could have pushed myself a little more during the last 800m run. I walked 90% of the way which is disappointing to see in terms of effort. However my coach did comment that my wall balls are getting better *yay*.


I've stopped tracking Macros, for now. It turned me crazy. And the feeling of being obsessed over my food isn't a good one. I just want to have a peaceful relationship with food. Anyways I went out to dinner with a couple of friends; Clinton and William, to a new Thai restaurant in Newtown - Golden Lotus Vegan.

After this huge bowl of vermicelli noodles and gluten-free tofu, I just HAD to get their fried soy ice-cream! I haven't had fried ice-cream in soooooo long. I do try to avoid dairy icecream when I can, so this was a huge bonus for me. I liked it! Had good texture and flavour. I really do like this restaurant! If only it wasn't so far from home... I got back at 9PM :( That's a little late for me.

 And here's a sneaky Snap Chat selfie of me when waiting for the training LOL

I can't wait for tomorrow's lunch! Vegan pizza and churros. 


Thursday, 10 September 2015, 08:29
Day 73

I woke up at 6 with the intention of going to the 7AM crossfit class. I look at the WOD and i'm like eh that's a /little/ hard... maybe i'll sleep in a little longer and make it to the gym. 2 hours later of being stuck between an unconscious and conscious mode, I get a phone call from my Crossfit gym. And it's one of my coaches.


And i'm thinking, uhhh is something wrong, they've never called me. One of the first things that he said to me was "where have you been?". The conversation was me talking very slow and I was processing his words very slow too. OH GOD what has this sloth life turn me into? He mentioned that I was making such good progress and then I just stopped. And so now he's holding me accountable to turn up to class at 5PM today - he said that if he didn't, I probably wouldn't turn up for the whole week. And it hits me hard because it's 99.99% true. Well anywho, lets see how everything goes.. It's now 8.30AM and I probably won't be blogging again until tomorrow - so i'll update on these efforts then (and will update this post with the workout aswell). I'll be trying to catch up on a few lectures, maybe go for a walk? Maybe play a little LoL, maybe not? 

Current feels
- Motivated to get my body back to fit
- Inspired to better myself before i'm able to inspire others
- Determined to stop waking up then staying in bed doing nothing. 
- Feeling silly for letting the "oh I had a lot to drink last Saturday" excuse stop me from working out. As my coach said, "You shouldn't let that put you a step back, if anything, you should be taking three steps forward and sweat it out". And physiologically, sweating it out would release the toxins from your body - even though I believe I don't have any atm since Saturday was many days ago... lol


1 rep every 90 seconds
3x 15kg Power Snatch + OHS
5x 20kg Power Snatch + OHS

10 minute AMRAP with partner
8 Cal row
8 Burpees
8 15kg Power Snatches
Rounds: 3

Wednesday, 9 September 2015, 18:00
Day 72

Oh crap what is wrong with me? I feel so bipolar though i'm pretty sure i'm not. Emotions are running cray. I literally woke up determined then within 30 minutes my mood dropped sea deep and now i'm suffering from it. I feel like shit.

I really NEED to get back into the gym - it's the only way that lifts my mood. And it's so weird because I know that it cures this crappy mood and yet I allow myself to just laze around? It makes no sense...

I always question whether this fitness/heath journey is even worth it.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015, 14:56
Day 71

I didn't dawdle in bed when I woke up even though I wanted - which was good of me! I need to form this morning routine habit.

Warm up
1. 1km treadmill at 6 kph
2. Spiderman stretch; i've been feeling so tightly recently
3. 20x body weight squats

1. 1x5 20kg back squats
2. 10x5 25kg back squats
3. 4x5 25kg front squats
4. 3x8 65kg seated leg press
5. 2x5 5kg seated single leg press per leg (wow these were harder than Instagram makes it out to be LOL)

21/15/9 reps for each movement with 12" 30' time cap
Modified push ups
5kg medicine ball sit ups
Burpees/modified when fatigued
Jump squats
Time: 12"

20 reps of each movement as fast as you can:
Russian twists
Leg raises
Bent window wipers
Bicycle crunches
V crunches
Straight leg sit ups
Time: 4" 50'

Yesterday I also decided that I will be giving Macro Counting/IIFYM an honest go. So here are my meals!

Breakfast: Green smoothie 19.9g carbs/ 7.8g fats/ 21.1g protein
Snack: Instant coffee 7.3/ 0.7/ 0.6
Lunch: Oatmeal 68/ 19/ 31.7
Snack: Oreo biscuit 7.1/ 2.2/ 0.6
Snack: Green smoothie 18/ 1.1/ 18.6
Dinner: Baked veggies 80/ 3/ 7

Total macros: 200.3/ 33.8/ 79.6
Goal macros: 209.1g carbs/ 37.2g fats/ 99.2g protein


Monday, 7 September 2015, 20:04
Day 70

I am worthless.
My body is shameful.
I am not beautiful.

However I control how I feel and I shouldn't compare myself to others - they've all worked hard for their bodies and confidence!

209.10g carbs
37.20 fats
99.20g protein
Atleast 4x workout/week
Atleast 3L water/day

Sunday, 6 September 2015, 10:51
Day 68/69

I went out tonight for my friend's 21st birthday! He's the first one to take the big step in my little circle of friends and so everyone went hard (with alcohol) that night. I'm not really even sure of how much I drank and recalling the night just brings me to a very loud and bright place with a lot of movements. Partying with my friends is a safe place though and we all look out/after each other. However I am thinking of really committing to quitting alcohol to be honest. I don't like this gluggy after-feeling and i'm sure sober people can still have fun at parties involving drunk friends.

I also believe that I looked awful in all these pictures! My face round, my body wide and my legs thick. Ew. That is not the image that I was to be strutting around. And for recollection of memories... Here are the poorly taken selfies.

Hm yes I do realise that i'm very awkward when it comes to taking photos with other people. My shoulders tighten and expression becomes introverted. I'm just not a photo taking kind of gal because it allows me to see me for how I look to other people - and it's something that I don't quite like looking at.

Well this was a fun night and I will most likely be sober during the next 21st birthdays of my friends! Peace out x

I woke up naturally at around 7.30 AM and wasn't feeling too good. I still felt intoxicated from the alcohol but I guess it's because it had only been 7-8 hours and I did drink a lot. So bad. I felt sick. I did a quick morning abs check because I was really feeling sad about the amount of junk I had consumed, but they're still sort of there. I don't really have abs to begin with but I didn't grow a beer belly gut over night so phew.

Anyways after a long night of bad food (but good company), I was really craving something savoury, warm and filling. So obviously spaghetti was the solution. Yes. Spaghetti for breakfast because that is how my body wanted to break the fast. 

For the rest of today, i'm going to work on my presentation - for tomorrow's class - and a bit of my Physio lecture theory notes as I am so so so behind. And of course, i'll squeeze in a little (I mean a lot) of LoL time. I just NEED the game. I crave the game. Though I do crave this vegan chilli bolognese spaghetti more.