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Wednesday, 27 January 2016, 14:29
Day 212

WOD: AMRAP 30 minutes
10 (black banded) pull ups
10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 bw squats
10 cal airdyne
Rounds: 8+9

I got my Full Drivers License today yayyyYayYAyY
What I ate today:
8AM: Iced long black coffee with maple syrup (50kcal)
10:30AM: A plain bread roll (150kcal)
11:30AM: Green banana icecream with toppings (1000kcal)
6:30PM: Big dinner out (1200kcal)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016, 10:10
Day 210/211

Conditioning: 1600m run For Time
Time: 8"06

25 DUs
35 37.5kg Deadlifts
10 Knee to Elbow
10 Pull ups
Then right after, 5mins to find 3RM thruster
Rounds: 1+53, 32.5kg

Conditioning: 1600m run For Time
Time: 8"20

30 DUs
35 37.5kg Deadlifts
10 K2E
10 Pull ups
Then right after, 5mins to find 3RM thruster
Rounds: 1+36, 35kg

Australia Day... so crossfit is closed = no workouts today! Potentially I could go to the gym and do something BUT NAHHHH. Enjoying nothing at home! Also going back to work tonight. Need to pack for the cruise. Need to clean my room up a bit. Need to practice for my driver's test tomorrow.


Sunday, 24 January 2016, 16:29
Day 209

Yesterday at the Vamps concert. It was alright for a new band.

Breakfast: A black coffee and a bowl of Weet-Bix and a very large banana.
Lunch: Pancakes at Lentil As Anything and a scoop of Earl Grey and Date tofu icecream from Green Gourmet (SO GOOD, comes very close to Gelato Blue!!).

The pancake was fluffy and light. I really enjoyed it and could probably have eaten a couple more. Mine was served with choc sauce, banana and a mini poached pear. I definitely would love to be coming down to LAA more often over the weekend for their brunch menu! 


Saturday, 23 January 2016, 13:17
Day 208

WOD: 25 minute Running Clock
00:00 - 05:00
400m run
05:00 - 15:00
1 wall walk
9 deadlifts
8 hang cleans
6 push jerks
Rounds: 3+1 Rx 30kg
15:00 - 25:00
30 6kg medball cleans
30 knees to elbows
30 push ups
Rounds: 1+16 Rx

Registered for the CrossFit opens just now! The comp starts in a month (25th Feb!!)

Friday, 22 January 2016, 15:53
Day 207

Woke up feeling a little full/sluggish from the cooked food from last night. Don't get me wrong, the food we ordered from Loving Hut was bomb! But I think my body needs a rest of all the processed foods i've been eating recently!

15min rehab
2x400m run

WOD: 15 min time cap
16kg KBS
Sit ups
Time: 10"52'

Thursday, 21 January 2016, 09:18
Day 204-206

Conditioning: 10 EMOM
Even: 3x 35kg touch and go power cleans
Odd: 10 calorie row

WOD: 15 minute running clock
2min max DU (39)
1min rest
12min AMRAP
6 47kg deadlifts
12 kipping leg raises
24 DU
Rounds: 3+18

It was about an hour's drive and a 30-40 minute walk to the falls. The heat, the burning sun, the walk... Reaching the falls was definitely worth it all!

Skill: Handstand skills/HSPUs
Practiced proper form and pike push ups

WOD: 35 minute time cap
35 pike push ups (ab mat)
45 20" box jumps
55 6kg wall balls
Before each movement: 50m OH 11kg run, 50m OH 11kg lunges.
Time: 29"14

The lunges were death! The wall balls were so hard! Deb really helped me through my last 25 reps. If she didn't push me, I probably wouldn't have finished before time tbh.

We ordered SO much food (I don't think I can even remember them all)!
Top: Spring rolls, deep fried wontons, sweet potato pastry and san choy bow.
Bottom: veggie dumplings, buns (veg, pork and duck) and sui mai.
ALL THIS FOOD IS VEGAN OFCOURSE. SO MUCH GOODNESS! I really like this Vegan Chinese restaurant. They also had a buffet option! Maybe i'll revisit for the buffet hehe. I'm not sure of the price of this food... I'm guessing that it came close to $60-70 though.

Sarah got the brownie sundae with espresso gelato ($10.50).
I got an affogato with peanut butter chocolate fudge gelato ($8.50) and a caramel cinnabun ($6).

I really didn't want to go to the 7pm crossfit class... But I consumed so much fats and processed foods that I just HAD to go, despite the 40 degree heat.

Skill: Handstand skills/HSPUs
Practiced hanstand holds.

WOD: 35 minute time cap
35 HSPU (5 with green/black, 30 with black, 5 with just the ab mat)
45 20" box jumps
55 6kg wall balls
Before each movement: 50m OH 11kg run, 50m OH 11kg lunges.
Time: 26"17

Ohhhh man, woke up feeling so sore in my glutes/quads/legs overall! My arms are a bit weak aswell.
Strength: E2MOM
5x5 25kg bench press

WOD: 15 minute AMRAP
100m 2x10kg DB farmers carry
3 2x10kg man makers
6 2x10kg hang DB power cleans
12 burpees
Rounds: 4

If my coach didn't push me for the last 40 seconds, I probably wouldn't have completed the 4th round tbh... I love this community and how this box has helped me. I can't imagine not doing crossfit.

Oh and i'm trying to scrap intermittent fasting! It wasn't working with all my events happening. I've also been trying to adopt a new nutrition plan where I consume a protein smoothie after each workout.

In the mornings, it'd be coffee+carob+protein powder+almond/rice milk+100-200g banana (MEAL1). At night, it'd be spinach+100-200g banana+protein powder+cinnamon (MEAL 4).

I'd then have a proper meal 1 at around noon (MEAL 2) and another meal at 3pm-ish (MEAL 3). My calories come close to 2000. ----this is for a double training day. Single trainings days would be different as i'd have a bigger time frame to consume foods.

Today i'm only training once as i'll be going out to dinner. So will be eating meal 3 at 6:30/7PM and won't be having meal 4/protein smoothie since I didn't do that second workout.

I'm hoping that this plan works out better for me. My monthly progress photos aren't showing much progress...

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Monday, 18 January 2016, 21:02
Day 201/202/203

9am crossfit
20 min AMRAP
50 DUs
50 25kg front squats
50 16kg KBS
30 knees to elbows
Rounds: 1+80

Went to Bodhi with Sarah, Jack and Sonnia!

We went to Mystery Puzzle room after. The host suggested that we tried the 'easier' room first as we've never completed their escape rooms before, so we took her advice. We finished the room in 30 minutes (a 60 min time cap), so the host gave us a 50% discount on the second room if we wished to play that one aswell. We did and we finished with 4 minutes remaining LOL. It was considerably harder. I quite enjoy these escape rooms, I want to do more!

Oh and I had a vegan donut from Doughnut Time. It wasn't that good... ($6)

I had work. No exercise.

6am crossfit
Conditioning: 10 min EMOM
Even: hollow hold on pull up bar for 20-30s
Odd: max burpees (50)

WOD: 15 minute running clock
Every 5 minutes, 400m run.
5 pull ups (without a band!!) (GOT MY FIRST KIPPING PULL UP TODAY)
10 10kg alternating DB snatches
Rounds: 3+4

Helped my parents out at the shop. Came home and recoloured my hair.

7pm crossfit
Condtioning: 10 min EMOM
Even: hollow hold or static knee raise on pull up bar for 20-30s
Odd: max burpees (70)

WOD: 15 minute running clock
Every 5 minutes, 400m run (I aim to finish this in 2 mins or under)
10 pull ups (without a band!)
10 10kg alternating DB snatches
Rounds: 3+9

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Friday, 15 January 2016, 14:43
Day 200

Got home close to midnight and fell right asleep. My alarm at 5am came too soon and I woke up with a headache, mostly caused from dehydration and tiredness. I made the decision to skip CrossFit this morning. I woke up feeling renewed and went straight to breakfast after downing a bottle of water.

Here was yesterday's lunch at Youeni Foodstore. The food was average in my opinion. The price was a bit expensive too.

I'm not sure what Jack had but it was some savoury dish. I got the 'life extending' bowl ($15.90) which included a salad of roasted pumpkin (there was one piece of pumpkin...), tumeric chickpeas, black turtle beans, cauliflower, beetroot, carrot, broccoli, tumeric chickpea puree, roasted garlic, citrus cashew relish, lemon and olive oil. Sarah had their 'pumpkin pie buckwheat' pancake ($16.90) which consisted of spiced cashew 'ricotta', stewed rhubarb, oven roasted apple, banana, coconut, seed mix, coconut syrup and 'crunchy stuff'. It looked really good!

Sarah and Jack got the Green Smoothie ($7.50) made of green juice, banana, chia, wheat grass and spirulina. I got an iced soy chai latte ($6). The chai flavour was milk and my drink wasn't cold despite it having ice in it. I would not get this choice again.

After lunch we went shopping and I bought a pair of blue high rise jeans AND I SERIOUSLY LOVE THEM. I bought a whole outfit ($50) which I wore out at night LOL. I was too excited to have new pieces that I just HAD to wear them ASAP.

For dinner, I went out with a friend to Hari's Vegetarian in Broadway. He chose two dishes and I chose one. I liked the dish that I chose the least :(

Chinese Bhel - crispy fried noodles with carrot, cucumber, tomato and capsicum in a sweet and sour sauce. I liked this the best. Light and delicious. Would get again!

Chunky Soya in Butter Lemon Sauce - chunky soya served with sweet and sour butter lemon sauce. I really liked this one except it did start to feel heavy after a few pieces of soya. Tasted similar to chicken. I would get this again if I came where with a bigger group.

Gravy Noodles - stir fried noodles, cabbage, carrot, bean sprout, capsicum, soft tofu in clear corn flour gravy. I chose this one and the flavour was plain. I did not like this much.

This vegan feast was great. The night was great.


Thursday, 14 January 2016, 09:00
Day 197-199

6AM workout
Strength: 10min EMOM
Odd: 30 sec max HSPU (green plate + ab mat) (About 4-6 each round)
Even: 10 cal row

WOD: 15min AMRAP
5 (green banded) pull ups
10 HR push ups
15 sit ups
Rounds: 7+11

7PM workout
Strength: 10min EMOM
Odd: 3x 47.5kg backsquats
Even: 30sec max 20lb ball slams

WOD: For time
800 run
6kg wall balls
Time: 15" 30'

6AM workout
Strength: Every 2 minutes, 5 sets
4x 25kg power snatches

WOD: 3x4min AMRAP, 1min rest
10 25kg power snatches
10 25kg sumo deadlift high pulls
10 box overs
Rounds: 3

Extra work: Every 2 minutes, 5 sets
4x 20kg high hang power snatches

Having lunch at Youeni Foodstore! It'll be a little expensive but hopefully it's delicious. My body is craving wholefoods as i've been eating like shit lately and also because salads are more appetizing and filling during the heat.

I'll be attending my first music gig tonight!! I've always wanted to go to one! I'm excited. I'm also excited for the vegan dinner at a restaurant that has yet to be decided!

Photos tomorrow as i'll be getting home late and i'm hoping to just crash. Either working out at 6 or 7am... And maybe at 7pm. Maybe as I have a fam bbq tomorrow night. HMM TESTING PRIORITIES LOL

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Monday, 11 January 2016, 11:37
Day 195/196

No workouts, just eating hehe. Went to Green Gourmet for lunch then Gelato Blue for dessert.

1) Spinach and chia dumplings
2) BBQ-not-pork buns (heaven!!)
3) Peking duck

We also had tofu in a sweet pine sauce with five grain rice. Total $54.40.

 I had a cinnamon cinnabun sundae with pavlova gelato ($11.50). The pavlova gelato was nice but I think i'll go with a less sugary tasting gelato as I almost died from the sweetness lol. Espresso is still my fave flavour from GB!

Mostly happy with how this day went.


7am workout
5 min EMOM
1x 30kg squat clean + front squat + push jerk
3x 32.5kg
1x 35kg squat clean + front squat + push jerk

5 min EMOM
1x 30kg power clean + push jerk
1x 32.5kg
3x 35kg power clean + push jerk

WOD: 4minx3 AMRAP with 1 min rest between sets
15 25kg push jerks
10 single-single-DUs
10 box jumps
Rounds: 4+15

Went to work to do some work prep then had lunch at An Lac with Sarah and Jack :) :) :)
Will post tomorrow ....or update tonight. Bai

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Saturday, 9 January 2016, 13:29
Day 194

Saturday classes are always fun, even if they involve horrid movements...

20 minute AMRAP
50m partner carry (50/55kg)
50m run
Then split between partners
10 box jump burpees
10 25kg thrusters
10 25kg SDHP
Rounds: 6

My partner and I split it 50/50, so I did 5 reps of each thing. Having someone always there with you really makes you push yourself so you don't look so bad haha.

I also picked up my NIKE METCON 1 in green (well, turquoise) and omg they're so beautiful. They're much lighter than my other Nikes (theas, freeruns) so it felt a bit weird walking around in them. Similar to the roshes' weight but I don't wear my roshes often enough to have been comfortable with the lightweight lol. These metcons are so great and I FEEL SO MOTIVATE TO START MAKING GAINS!

Okay I know I tell myself every post that I want to start making gains hahaha

Friday, 8 January 2016, 15:50
Day 192/193

6am workout
Strength: every 2 minutes
1x5 25kg, 30kg (warm up)
1x6 37.5kg
1x6 42.5kg
1x6 45kg
1x6 47.5kg
1x6 52.5kg back squats

WOD: 4RFT, 15 min
10 30kg cleans
10 kipping knee raises
Time: 7" 30'

Legs are sore and shaky but I want to continue to try to push myself for strength. My hands however are sooososo ripped and tender at the moment.

Had a rough night... Slept at 10 ish, woke up at midnight because my parents were talking loud af (currently sleeping on their bedroom floor as a guest is in my room), woke up at 3 ish, woke up at 5. Stayed awake til 6, then got out to get ready to sweat it out.

7am workout
Strength: every 2 minutes
5x6 17.5kg strict presses

WOD: 12 minute AMRAP
200m run
16 12kg KBS
8 12kg KB clean and jerk
Rounds: 4

Going to my aunty's for dinner tonight so I won't be able to make the PM class. I'm totally okay with it though as my legs, arms and shoulders are SOSOSOSOOS sore and I definitely need rest so I can perform close to my best on Saturday! Rather than half assing tonight's and tomorrow's wod haha.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016, 15:51
Day 189-191

Rain rain go awayyyyyyy.
No CrossFit today.
I admit, I was lazy.

Woke up at 5 and it was raining insanely. Decided to skip crossfit for the day.
The rain stopped at around 530, the guilt of not working out grew... And so I got out of bed at 615 and got ready to sweat it out!

7am workout:
Odd minute-
3x5 32.5kg push jerk
1x3 32.5kg push jerk
1x5 30kg push jerk
Even minute-
Max calories on AirDyne

15 22.5KG power snatches
15 lateral burpees
15 kipping HSPU (ab mat + blue plate)
Rounds: 1+36

I'm a little disappointed in the WOD with 22.5kg. I felt like it would have been okay to drop the weight down... It wasn't. I feel like I didn't gain much from all the sweat and heavy breathing.

I got caught up on being afraid of growing bulky and less feminine. I got caught up on the score that I get to add to the board. I forgot the real reason why I workout; it's not to impress those who don't particularly matter to me. It's not to show off a high score. It's to gain strength. To grow confident. To become strong. And to do that, I will need to oush myself.

If I stay on the same weights (or go lighter), I will stay the same. "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you".

7am workout:
Odd - max 37.5kg deadlifts (~13 each round)
Even - 30s active hold from bar (to practice for pull ups; keeping core tight and legs straight)

10 25kg Overhead Squats
15 box jumps
Rounds: 3 + 14

I woke up feeling yuck. I haven't felt yuck on a while but I guess it's from eating all the processed foods over the past week! A little hiccup in my progress isn't going to bring me back to where I started. I need to just stick to the plan, track my foods, stick to 'healthy' choices and train hard!

I'm going to take this week to work on getting back into training routine; 6am workout + pull up skills after class for 30 mins, then 7pm workout. I REALLY want to get strong. I REALLY want to stop being afraid of the bar... I need to stop overthinking the movements and just move!

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Sunday, 3 January 2016, 10:03
Day 186-188

Went to Jervis bay for a picnic. The weather was nice and the beach wasn't too bad...

I had a work dinner at the Shangri La hotel. It was very fancy and high class. Strange experience, I felt a little out of place there haha but the food was gooood. My fave would be the mushroom and tofu salad in a sweet chilli sauce (shown below on the right).



  • To be more outgoing, i.e. to not decline events due to laziness, to not have a constant annoyed/bitch face on and to try to make conversation with friends around me.
  • To get over my fear of dogs!
  • To enjoy real life moments rather than always being glued on my phone. Instagram isn't worth missing experiences with loved ones!
  • To attend every uni lecture in sem 1 AND every crossfit class (at least 5x a week).
I have more specific goals written in my room... But I shall just keep them with myself hehe.